Sea Wolf

Project Description:

Honouring his Portuguese and First Nations roots, Sea Wolf is a cod lure carving which was set in bronze for display in Lisbon, Portugal at the behest of Portugal’s Ambassador to Canada. The expertly carved representation of the sea wolf features dorsal fins and cod encircled in ocean waves. Standing roughly two metres tall on a base of Portuguese calçada, Sea Wolf is a companion piece to Marston’s Shore to Shore, which resides in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. Marston describes the piece as both personal and political:

“I chose the story of the sea wolf because it represents families travelling together – the wolf pack travels together and they transform into killer whales, then hunt the ocean and travel as a family,” Marston said. “If you look at it on a more political level, it’s like the transformation of First Nations people coming to the forefront again, having their voice and moving forward... and gaining their identity back as a whole."

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